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Bulgarian HVAC Association in Builders magazine

Builders magazine presented the activity of the Bulgarian Association „Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning“. An interview for the publication was given by Petar Hetemov – chairman of the association.

Veselin Todorov Was a Guest at The Air of BNR – Sofia

Yesterday after the National Assembly adopted legally the possibility of installing photovoltaic systems with up to 20 kilowatts of power on roofs and without an investment project, many people are expected to focus their attention and investments in such facilities. Among the voted reliefs is the installation on single-family and villa buildings to be done […]

What is disinformation and how to recognize it?

Disinformation is false or misleading information that is spread deliberately to deceive others. It is often spread with the intent to harm the reputation of a person or group, or to manipulate public opinion. It can be difficult to recognize disinformation, especially when it is spread by people or organizations that are trusted or respected. […]

Why is PR important to businesses?

Public relations (PR) is an important part of any business because it helps to create a positive image of the company in the public eye. This is crucial for building trust and credibility with customers, investors, and other stakeholders. PR can also help to improve brand awareness and drive sales by getting the company’s message […]