Neyko Neykov Talked about Hiring Refugees from Ukraine on BNT

Neyko Neykov, manager of Responsa Prevent, was a guest on the show “The Day Begins” on the Bulgarian National Television (BNT), where together with other specialists he comments on the topic of hiring refugees from Ukraine.

“Apart from the fact that there is currently a war in Ukraine, the case of hiring staff in Bulgaria is not new. Many Ukrainians work in Bulgaria during summer season. The fact is that the procedures are complicated because of the lack of documents, and this is where I think the institutions should cooperate”, said Neyko Neykov.

“The Bulgarian business is adaptable and needs staff. The role of information is very important – it needs to be collected and synthesized in one place. It is important for employers to know what skills people have, and for refugees from Ukraine it is important to know what Bulgarian employers are looking for”, said Neyko Neykov.

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