Plamen Popov, co-founder of Smart Cards is on the air of UpDate, Bloomberg

Smart Cards is the first company for digital smart cards in Bulgaria and the second in Europe. This was told by Plamen Popov, co-founder of Smart Cards, on the air of the show UpDate hosted by Elena Kirilova.

The product has gone through several educational processes on the market in order to be able to adopt the new way of transmitting information. The corporate world is accustomed to the old methods of printed business cards, but people because of the heretic everyday life do not often enter the data from paper business cards, and the most cases throw it away or forget where they put them. The COVID-19 crisis has further helped the company to adopt the smart business card.

Plamen Popov has been engaged in entrepreneurship for a long time in the field of construction and electronic cigarettes. In 2015 she started training programs in entrepreneurship events.

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