Bulgarian HVAC Association in Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

The marking of packaging with QR codes containing information on recycling is the most reasonable and environmentally friendly option, instead of printing and applying this information to the products produced, which will lead to the generation of a huge amount of paper waste. This was said by the representative of the Bulgarian Association of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (BAOVK), in the „Business Start“ program on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria with host Rosalina Petkova.

The guest commented on the proposal of BAOVK to change the Ordinance on Packaging and Packaging Waste and why it is necessary.

The proposed change to the ordinance concerns the addition of the possibility of marking packaging with QR codes, instead of the currently provided by printing individual symbols for the content of the package, explained the representative of BAOVK. In his words, this has been adopted by the European Parliament many years ago and we are the second country in the EU after Italy to introduce it into its legal framework.